World Patent Marketing CEO and Creative Director, Scott J. Cooper, calls Safety Blade “the Safest Blade on Planet Earth,” one of many World Patent Marketing’s many invention success stories.  A California father and son invention team originally brought an idea “Protect-It” to World Patent Marketing for assistance in obtaining a utility patent.  The original purpose was to prevent workplace injuries due to the unsafe storage of utility blades.

An exclusive licensing agreement was later signed and World Patent Marketing’s engineering team in Paso Robles, California went to work.   After the creation of several prototypes, our engineering team decided to start over.  The project goal changed completely.  While preventing workplace injuries was still a focus, we aimed to create a hand cutting tool that significantly lowered the chance of injury during use while being recyclable and eco-friendly.

It is reported that there are over 250,000 annual hand injuries due to box cutters alone.  The only way for the Safety Blade to make a serious dent in these numbers was to eliminate the need to ever touch the blade.

And so Safety Blade, the safest blade on the planet, was born.  Since then, the father and son invention team has committed to work on five new inventions with World Patent Marketing.


World Patent Marketing CEO and Creative Director, Scott J. Cooper, says “The Janus Case Collection Club is going to be one of our invention success stories that they will teach at Wharton Business School in five years.”  A Florida inventor came to World Patent Marketing with the idea for the “Cell Spider.”  He was looking for patent assistance and prototype services.  He wanted to design a cell phone case with improved functionality and spider web type pouch on the back of the case.

After multiple meetings with Cooper, a licensing agreement was negotiated and the idea changed to a multi-million dollar e-commerce play.  It became a cell phone case collection club with an amazing offer – the first five cases for $1 with a membership contract.

The expectation is that consumers will look at a cell phone case as a collectors item rather than a plain old accessory.


World Patent Marketing CEO and Creative Director, Scott J. Cooper, calls Print Glow “perhaps the biggest innovation in printing since the Gutenberg printing press”.  A Florida inventor spent four years working on this multi-purpose glow in the dark technology.  This unusual paper can be used to make menus for restaurants and night clubs, marketing materials, business cards, billboards and for just about any other commercial purpose.

He came to World Patent Marketing for assistance in securing global patent protection and for strategic planning.  He already had a relationship with a supplier. He knew he was sitting on a very unique and potentially game changing technology.  He just couldn’t commit to a specific application for the idea nor did he have the manufacturing background to bring the product to market.

After a four hour meeting at Miami Beach headquarters, he was given a clear direction to move forward and a licensing agreement was negotiated.  Within days, Cooper eliminated the original supplier from the deal in favor of a more cost effective and streamlined solution.



There are an average of 384 natural disasters every year around the world, more than one per day. When disaster strikes, communications fail, just when they are needed most. World Patent Marketing CEO and Creative Director, Scott Cooper and Advisory Board Member Dr. Aileen Marty came up with a portable robust solution to provide communication in all disaster scenarios, the Disaster Communications Drone.

“This invention will save lives around the world,” said Cooper. “Aileen is an Advisor on the Presidential Board for emergency response, and she was at the office one day telling me that one of the biggest problems they have in disaster relief is communications. She told me that they arrive in teams at these locations, with boxes packed with medicine and first aid gear, but they are completely cut off. They can’t call for help or evacuation, they can’t share supplies, they can’t talk to the outside world.

‘That’s when we came up with the Disaster Communications Drone. It goes in every emergency medical supply box and creates a string of hot spots so the doctors, relief personnel, and disaster managers can talk to each other. It takes existing technology and gives it a life saving application.”



Time Travel Technologies grew out of a desire to provide funding for World Patent Marketing Advisory Board Member, Dr. Ronald Mallet. Dr. Mallet is a theoretical physics professor at the University of Connecticut who has been developing a ‘time machine.’ Don’t get too wildly excited, his model won’t be sending humans back to the Jurassic any time soon.

Mallet’s time machine is designed to test an hypothesis that arises from Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which predicts time loops for atomic particles. Mallet intends to send the subatomic particles, neutrinos, forward in time.

Scott Cooper, the mastermind behind World Patent Marketing, proposed creating an exchange, like Bitcoin, that would act as alternative currency and provide funding for Dr. Mallet’s project. Thus Time Travel Technologies came into being. Soon, you will be able to buy and sell ‘minutes’ on the exchange.


World Patent Marketing CEO and Creative Director, Scott J. Cooper, says “I give full credit to my inventor/partner on this one.  He worked tirelessly to get this project ready for launch.  He made my job look easy.”

Trivia Candy is the new way to make movies more interactive and social.  It turns the movie into a game.  Its a mobile trivia app that syncs to the movie in real time.

This was a first.  After one phone call with the inventor, Cooper made a handshake deal and decided to invest 50-50 on the project.  Both Cooper and the inventor are big movie fans.   They just really hit off and dove right into the project.



Have you ever lost your remote? Of course you have. They get stuck in between cushions, kids leave them on the floor so they get knocked under tables, people absentmindedly walk away with them so the remote ends up in the hallway, kitchen or on the patio. It’s maddening and frustrating when all you want to do is sit back and enjoy a movie or watch the big game.

“The inventor brought this idea to me,” said Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, “and I have three children. So when an inventor says to me, this product means that we will never lose the remote again. You bet, I took notice.”

Together the inventor and Cooper refined the idea, to create a handy table top organizer for storing the remote and other necessities, as well as incorporating a retractable cord that makes it impossible for the remote to become lost.

remote  sidekick2


World Patent Marketing CEO and Creative Director Scott J. Cooper is “having a great time with this project.”  This California inventor approached World Patent Marketing for patent assistance services on a project called “Squatch On A Box”.

After several meetings with the inventor, a licensing deal was negotiated.  The project changed to and it is going to be a collection of plush stuffed animals and accessories.

The inventor has spent endless hours working with Cooper – often past midnight.



With this product, World Patent Marketing takes on “Big Tobacco.” Green Leaf is an innovative new product that is a healthy safe substitute to tobacco chew and other tobacco products. The pouches are cleared with organic leaves and herbs, that leave breath fresh and clean. Plus, Green Leaf helps to clean and whiten teeth.

“We’re making war on Big Tobacco,” said Scott Cooper. “We’re going to put them out of business with a better healthy product. Green Leaf is the kind of product that can completely replace cigarettes and chewing tobacco.”


Get your booty on! Supreme Diva Jeans provide women with luscious sexy curves. Say good-bye to skinny, bony derrieres, and say hello to a full round, womanly, behind. These amazing jeans have padding built right in, so it won’t slip and slide out of place, to make you look fantastic.

“We transformed this product and helped the inventor to refine it,” said Scott Cooper. “We have spent months in the final design stages, working with numerous design experts and testing multiple facilities, fabrics, and details. The final product is fabulous and is all about sex appeal.”


A money saving invention is always a winner. Powder Puff Magic is an incredibly simple idea for makeup compacts. Up to half of the make-up in a typical compact is never used, because the middle is used, leaving a lot of product stuck around the edges. Powder Puff Magic prevents that, allowing the makeup to be used more evenly and completely.

“The inventor had a great idea, but there were technical challenges that she didn’t have the background to deal with,” said Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. “Our engineers have come up with a solution and the product will soon be in production.”

powder puff


Imagine giving yourself a stimulating back scrub every time you take a shower. And  imagine doing that without having to use an awkward scrubber with a long handle, which makes it hard to apply pressure and reach everywhere on your back. That’s the beauty of one of our best World Patent Marketing Invention Success Stories, the Back Scrubby.

“The inventor solved a real world problem,” said Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. “He came to me with the idea of the Back Scrubby and it was a great idea. We decided to improve on it. It now dispenses soap, exfoliates, massages the skin, and gives a good clean scrub. There is nothing else on the market that does this, Back Scrubby is a terrific invention.”

Scrubby 10A


Here we have yet another invention success story, from an inventor who solved a real world problem faced by a family member. His wife suffered a partial amputation of her foot, and could not get into and out of the hot tub easily. He created The Hot Tub Swivel for her. It worked fantastic, and allows people with limited mobility to get into a hot tub easily and without extra help.

Water therapy is often suggested for people who have mobility issues or injuries, yet is difficult to get into and out of pools and hot tubs. Hot Tub Swivel Seat turns 360 and raises or lowers itself at the touch of a lever. This allows anyone to get into and out of the water on their own.

“This is a very important product for us,” said Scott Cooper. “There is simply nothing else like it on the market. The inventor’s wife had an injury and he saw the need for a solution, and he created a brilliant product from that insight. We improved on it by giving the seat a sleek look, like an elegant boat seat. And our engineers  simplified and strengthened the frame, so that it looks great and is strong and reliable.”



Clean Seat is one of our new invention success stories that makes use of a remarkable new anti-microbial material. It is part of the new World Patent Line of Products that declares “war on airline germs.” Clean Seat is a portable seat cover that prevents the spread of germs and disease. It allows you to sit comfortably and confidently in movie theaters, on airplanes, in trains, on buses, and anywhere else where cleanliness is often ‘doubtful’ at best.

World Patent Advisory Board Member Dr. Aileen Marty, Ebola and Zika warrior who is also on President Obama’s advisory committee for emergency response, was consulted in creating this product.

“This product ties in with our travel carry all and the RVIP pillow” said Scott Cooper. “With globalization, people have become more aware that airplane seats, theater seats, and other public places are actually disease vectors. The inventor has first hand experience, as the owner of a personal cleaning business. Clean Seat lets people enjoy these facilities, without bringing home unwanted germs and bacteria. We expect a lot of interest in this product.”

clean health invention


Reserved Very Important Pillow

The RVIP, Reserved Very Important Pillow, is another one of our fabulous anti-microbial travel and home products. Clean Seat is a companion product from World Patent Marketing.

“The big change we made in this invention is to make it with our anti-microbial material that was developed for our ‘war against airline germs’ when we created Clean Seat,” said Scott Cooper. “RVIP is the only travel pillow that you can take on an airline, without having to worry about bringing germs and bacteria into your home. That makes it a one of a kind product.”

RVIP comes with an adjustable elasticized strap, so that it can be attached to an airplane seat, lounge chair at pool side, or anywhere that you seek the comfort of a pillow that just won’t stay in place. Combine convenience with the cleanliness, health and safety of the anti-microbial material and RVIP becomes a must-have product.

clean backpak


Splash Screen improves the men’s room, by eliminating the nasty backsplash from urinals. The standard old-fashioned urinal hasn’t changed form in a hundred years, and it is still as seedy and inefficient as ever. Splash Screen fixes it all, with a simple removable and changeable screen, that prevents spray and splashes. It protects clothes, floors and keeps restrooms cleaner.

“It’s a great product,” said Scott Cooper. “Personally, I want to see this in every men’s room in the country. There is no excuse for any restroom not to have this handy invention that keeps bathrooms much cleaner, more sanitary, and more pleasant to use.”



This product was originally released on As Seen On TV. It did moderately well, but not as great as the inventor had hoped. So he brought it to World Patent Marketing, where CEO and Creative Director Scott Cooper reworked the concept to make it more unique, practical and a lot better looking. Now, Good Cushion has the same anti-microbial properties as other travel products in the World Patent Marketing line, such as Clean Seat and RVIP.

“We completely redesigned this product,” said Scott Cooper. “We made it anti-microbial as the first step, because anything you put on a bench can protect you in  the short run, but it will also bring those germs and diseases right into your home later. Second, we have changed the way it looks, so it is a great looking product that you can carry in a purse or bag, and pull it out whenever it is needed.”

good cushion


No more burned feet! Heat B Gone will transform summertime. The product is a cream that when applied to the bottom of bare feet, prevents heat burns. It is like a heat shield in a cream.

“We have a team working to perfect and finalize this in the laboratories as we speak,” said  Scott Cooper. “It is a breakthrough product, there is nothing like it on the market anywhere in the world. And we are going to introduce it in multiple colors too, so that kids can play with it and get creative, at the same time they protect their feet from burns.”



This is a new app and internet service that has been created for the disabled community. It provides social networking, much like Facebook and Instagram, but with a few important differences.

One of the biggest challenges for the disabled community is overcoming social isolation, especially when their disabilities are emotional or cognitive. Socially Accepted provides introductions and actively helps members of the community to connect and interact. The active introductions and groups help these individuals who are often profoundly socially isolated. With Socially Accepted, they will find friendly communities of people who have challenges like their own. It is a breakthrough for a community which can benefit greatly from the opportunities provided by social networking.

socially accepted


Graphene is 100 times stronger than steel. This remarkable material is resilient and lightweight, made of a honeycomb lattice of carbon that is one atom thick. Graphene has been known of for more than 150 years, and was the subject of ongoing research in the 1940s. But, it wasn’t until after the year 2000 that methods of making graphene in thin layers at an industrial scale were developed. And immediately, new uses and possibilities have been introduced.

Our new Graphene Sucker Rod is poised to become a standard in the oil field industry. Sucker rods are used on the majority of oil rigs to draw the oil up from inside the well. The new graphene rods are cheaper, lighter and more durable than any that are currently on the market.

“This product is a big money saver for one of our most important industries,” said Scott Cooper. “Our engineering team is incredibly excited with the progress so far. They expect to bring it onto the market for final tests within a few months. Graphene Sucker Rod could well become one of our most important success stories.”

ajax sucker rod invention


This is the first “bib” on the market that is stylish and “cool” looking. It is designed primarily for children and adults in the disabled community, although it is almost certain to be a big hit for anyone who wants to protect their clothing and enjoy notoriously messy meals like barbecue and pasta.

“Typical bibs are made for infants and toddlers,” said Scott Cooper. “But many people, with and without disabilities, young and old alike, can benefit from wearing a bib. Why risk expensive clothes, when you can wear an elegant bib like this one? We have made it out of high quality fabrics and created designs that give it an elegant look and feel. It’s a great product!”

kid jadore


The internet is so full of promise, and so full of disappointment. While loads of information is available almost instantly, most of this information is completely inaccurate and provided by amateurs who rarely know anything about the topic they are writing or speaking about. Instead of a tool for knowledge, it almost feels like a sharing of ignorance, as mistakes spread as quickly as knowledge.

Live Expert Chat Room changes all of this. It is an internet information portal that provides approved certified experts to answer questions and offer advice on any and all topics. It will become the place to get “expert” advice.

“This is one of those success stories based on pure determination,” said Scott Cooper. “The inventor was trying to get a meeting with me, and that can  be tough to do, sometimes people have to wait for months to get a chance to pitch their invention. I am just too busy with ongoing projects. Well, this inventor found out about our online store, and he went in there and bought something every single day for over a month. Not that I have time to track the online sales every day, but this popped up in our fraud alerts, because it was an unusual pattern. And there he was. So I let him pitch his idea, and it was great. Live Expert Chat Room could transform the internet. It is a place to get real questions answered, accurately and by people who know their stuff and are certified. We can all use that kind of service.”



One of the most common recommendations for injuries and post-op is to alternate hot and cold compresses. Heat helps capillaries to open and increases circulation, while cold reduces swelling. When the alternating hot/cold therapy needs to continue for more than 24 hours, through the night, it can be exhausting for the patient or family members to continuously wake up every 20 or 30 minutes to change compresses.

Ice Time does this automatically. It can be set for various intervals, and changes from hot to cold as needed. It saves an incredible amount of time and stress, and allows patients and caregivers to get much needed sleep through the night. This is the first big breakthrough in hot/cold compresses for more than two decades, and will transform trauma and post surgical care. It is one of our many invention success stories based on the real world experience of the inventor.

ice timer product invention