Distribution and Retail are critical to the success of your invention. It is closely tied in with marketing plans, but varies significantly. Both marketing and distribution and retail rely heavily upon demographic information about your target market, who your customer is, where they live, where they shop.

The difference is that marketing deals with communicating with your customer through advertising and public relations, to give them information about why and where to buy the product.

Invention distribution and retail deals with getting that product into the hands of your customer. For proper distribution you need to consider where your customer shops, and how your product can be displayed in that venue. Note, we did not say in that “store.” These days, with online shopping and pop up markets, a store may not be your best bet. Read on for some useful tips on about distribution and retail for your invention.


One of the best aspects of selling your product at Farmers Markets, Shows, and Events, is that it offers a chance to have face to face interaction with your customer. There is nothing like one-to-one selling to help you learn what your product’s strongest and weakest points are.

Attending these live sales events can help you to refine your sales message so that it is strong every time.

In addition, it can also help you to refine your product, at the same time you conduct research on your customer market. Don’t forget to set up a system to gather information and contact info. Often at these sales events, a sign-up sheet or a system to collect business cards is very effective. Simply offer a raffle prize for contact information, and you will find yourself well on your way to developing a valuable database.

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Usually this type of advertising is through the internet, either through a website made specifically for your product or product line, or through websites like Shop World Patent Marketing, Amazon or eBay, which carry a variety of inventions.

These can be effective ways to reach a widely dispersed national or even worldwide audience. The internet can also help you to reach widely dispersed specialty groups, people who are into a particular hobby or activity, like flying remote controlled planes, scuba diving, sailing or collecting. Don’t overlook the potential for direct sales to consumers. A great website and a good campaign can launch your product to success if it is properly organized.


For some products and markets, one of the best invention distribution methods is through specialized sales agents. These representatives typically represent several products or lines, which they manage and sell to people within their industry. A good sales agent can often be a valuable partner in getting your product into the right stores and venues.

The advantage gained by using a sales agent is that he or she may have numerous contacts within the industry, people who already know and trust him. If you want to get your product in front of some of the top buyers for the big chains, a representative with inside personal connections is solid gold. It may not be necessary for every product, but in some industries, this is by far your best bet.

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We created the World Patent Marketing online superstore to showcase the best inventions we could find, and to offer them to customers all over the world.

Some of these products are the creation of our own inventors, that we have helped refine and manufacture. Others are products that our shoppers want and need, from top brands like Nikon, Bose, and As Seen On TV. Others are from our partners and affiliates, like Mattel.

As such, our online superstore is practically a super-mall, without the crowds and inconvenience. It’s a great place for people to shop. Even more important, Shop at World Patent Marketing is a great place for your product to be seen. Find a worldwide audience, with both invention distribution and retail in one easy online superstore, Shop at World Patent Marketing.


When it comes to retail World Patent Marketing has it mastered. Of course, part of our success in retail is the result of hard work done at the beginning of the invention process.

Before we accept inventions for development, we do detailed studies and  invention analysis, to determine if the product is likely to be successful. That analysis covers everything from the demographics of potential markets to creating a winning brand that will stand out in the marketplace. Even then, countless hours are devoted to refining the product and getting every detail right.

Half of the challenge of retail is knowing exactly what type of products will do well on a particular store or website. At the World Patent Marketing website, we know exactly who our customers are, what their preferences are, their buying habits, price points, and what moves off the shelves. Our experts bring this expertise to you, as we bring your product for sale to a worldwide market.

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World Patent Marketing is known throughout the world as the leader in developing invention ideas, from the design stage, through patent prosecution, licensing, manufacturing, invention distribution and finally retail. We are the only company in the United States that has proven experience in every stage of the invention process, from idea to retail.

The strength and reputation of our brand mean that shoppers flock to our store. They know they will find new innovative products as well as basics like; pet products, electronics, and toys.


Physical retail stores will never disappear, but all of the growth in sales is taking place in online retail spaces. Even more important, retail sales in the United States have been flat for years, while the emerging market economies of Asia and Latin America have a rapidly rising middle class. This middle class is hungry for high quality products and they are particularly hungry for American style consumer goods.

You can reach these fast growing markets through online retail with the World Patent Marketing online superstore. Why limit your reach to a few tens of thousands or even the customers of one region or state. Imagine the possibilities of a market that potentially embraces more than a billion customers.

A worldwide presence with billions of customers, that is the goal of Shop World Patent Marketing. Give your product a worldwide stage with World Patent Marketing.

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