Invention Design and Engineering

Concept Generation

At World Patent Marketing, concept development begins with a team effort, to collaborate, share ideas, and work out the details of your invention idea. This is a critical phase of the project, where we seek input from all of the different departments, engineering, design, marketing, manufacturing, in order to arrive at the best solutions quickly. From these sessions, models and drawings are created for your feedback and approval.

These sessions are creative storms, with brainstorming sessions and discussions. Our multi-disciplined team examines the product from various angles, offering input and ideas, trying out all of the possibilities. They examine the patented invention project from every possible angle, including engineering, design, materials, manufacturing methods, functionality, details, color and finish. Finally, the drawings and models bring these ideas to life and become the starting point for your product.

We have many design choices, the particular product dictates the best method for presenting product drawings and models. We polish the details and prepare your product to become a presentation invention prototype.

Product engineering is essential to invention success.


The World Patent Marketing design team works closely with our invention manufacturing department to create your final product designs. At all times, these designs build upon the best aspects of your unique vision, while adapting it to high quality manufacturing requirements. Our goal? To create a product that is useful, elegantly designed, durable, stands out in the marketplace, and can be manufactured at a price point that ensures success in the marketplace. However, our teams have extensive experience in designing, refining, developing, and manufacturing successful products. The team incorporates the skills of designers. In addition, we consult personnel in the fields of electrical, mechanical, materials, and industrial engineering. This technical knowledge, expertise, and experience are invaluable when it comes to efficiently developing and manufacturing successful, functional products.

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Three-Dimensional Product Animation

Our 3D product animations are an important step in the invention process. As one of the leading patent companies, World Patent Marketing believes that 3D product animations, or 3D prototypes as they are also called, are one of the best low cost ways to demonstrate how your product works. They even show what it looks like from every angle, and make it easy to refine design details.

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Demonstrate Product Details

Video is a great way to advertise and market your product through World Patent Marketing. But during the development stage, 3D animations are superior. Even more, with 3D animation, you can test your product without having to go through the expense of making a physical prototype. In addition, the 3D animation allows you to look at the product from every angle, almost pick it up and turn it around, and even look at the details inside. Finally, you can zoom in or out, to perfect the smallest details.

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Get to Market Faster

3D animation doesn’t require a physical prototype, as video or photography does. So you can begin marketing your product to investors, and retailers faster with 3D animation. In addition, with 3D animation you can present your product at meetings and trade shows, without going through the expense of manufacturing the product first.

Save Time And Production Costs

You don’t need to hire a film crew and production team to produce a 3D animation. This can save a tremendous amount of time and money. Plus, 3D animations are usually developed from your engineering CAD files, taking advantage of essential work that has already been done. 3D animation can be a real time and money saver over video, particularly in the early stages of the invention process. In addition, you can change product details easily, allowing for market tests and faster development.

Product engineering made easy, with WPM.