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World Patent Marketing has developed a well-tested process which streamlines invention manufacturing in China. We build new products efficiently, and rapidly scale the process for large production in minimal time. With invention manufacturing hubs in Shanghai Hangzhou, and Shenzhen, we offer maximum flexibility and efficiency.

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Choosing the right factory is one of the most important aspects of production. It is also the one in which most lone entrepreneurs make their biggest mistake. They simply do not know what to look for or how to protect their interests. World Patent Marketing overcomes this problem by having a core group of factories at our disposal. These facilities are carefully vetted and over time we have established trust and confidence with the staff. In addition, our facilities have varying specialties and we are aware of which factories are best for particular inventions and products. With our network of facilities we can manufacture products in almost any product category. We have bullet-proof supplier agreements that protect your interest in both production quality and protection of intellectual property.

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Industry Experts

Over the last several decades, Asia has become the manufacturer of the world. As such, they have the most experienced experts and manufacturing talent on the planet. As the one of the top patent companies, World Patent Marketing has attracted the best of them. We created a team of qualified industry experts in a wide field of manufacturing services. Whether you require plastic injection molding, material stamping, PCB fabrication, high-tech batteries, sophisticated optics, machining or fabrication, our team is up to the task. Our factory representatives work closely with design teams and inventors to overcome design and engineering challenges. We produce high quality finished products. Our Expert Agreement protects intellectual property throughout the process.

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WPm has vetted factories for manufacturing in China.


World Patent Marketing incorporates merchandise hubs to keep invention projects on track. Therefore, our product teams oversee and coordinate the entire product development process. Through a variety of proprietary communications technology and communication software, we manage tasks, track discussion, maintain files on changes and sign-offs. In addition, we make it available online so the entire team can stay current on development progress. Frequent communication is required to successfully complete projects. We have developed a system to maintain clear, transparent and open communication at all times. Most importantly, our hubs keep everyone in touch and projects on track.


First orders are usually for small-runs of a product. These do not require large-scale manufacturing. Fortunately, we have facilities in China that are dedicated to smaller production runs. In addition, they coordinate with other facilities, to easily transfer tooling and technology to larger factories.


Product certification is critical in almost every industry, from consumer products, to electronics, and medical devices. Therefore, we partner with various agencies and companies to make the process smooth and efficient. Their 40,000 employees worldwide ensure that you have the correct information, testing and certification for your destination market.

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Manufacturing is one of the most important aspects to developing and launching a product in the marketplace. It affects the quality and price of your final product. As your product becomes successful, one of the challenges is scaling production from small runs to larger runs. Because of our numerous core facilities throughout China, we are able to quickly, efficiently, and reliably scale production for our products.


Manufacturing inventions in China is fraught with difficulties for the unwary investor who lacks on the ground connections. Management of those operations is critical to your success. Therefore, we have created a standardized process that streamlines the process and provides quality control and communication at every level. Our merchandisers, who are located in country at our hubs, oversee all operations from fulfillment to shipping and tracking. In addition, they handle inventory control, testing and maintenance. Finally, our method offers reliability, efficiency and low cost to our clients.

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We offer logistics support with manufacturing in China.

Product Extensions

Sustaining continual growth requires innovation and advancement, in the form of frequent product updates and product line extensions. As a One Stop Shop, World Patent Marketing has the resources, and the depth of specialized talents, to help you quickly accelerate your product development strategies and bring updates and extensions online continuously. In addition, our strategic partnership with a number of companies gives us access to a team of top-notch freelance designers who can handle all aspects of industrial, packaging, and graphic design. Finally, all of the tools you need are at your disposal with a phone call or e-mail.


Let us help you sell your product and put you in touch with invention buyers. We have developed an extensive network of strong relationships with some of the largest retailers in North America and Europe. Also, with our network and strength, you can breakthrough the “single vendor” problem, and reach the buyers you need to put your product on the shelves.


Tap into our network to solve cash flow problems. As you scale, cash flow becomes increasingly challenging. Therefore, we offer purchase order financing for products manufactured in our facilities. We also have a network of investors who can provide growth capital on an equity sharing basis for products in need of liquid capital.


We offer logistics support through a number of third party partners. These operations are housed stateside, with both offices and warehouses. In addition, we are able to offer warehousing, order fulfillment, shipping, distribution and customs services. Finally, this allows us to offer vertically integrated services for patented inventions from the factory floor to the customer.


Everyone wants to crack the one-billion person market, China. Yet, selling products in China is almost impossible for American and Europeans lacking connections. However, we can solve that problem on several fronts, including consumer messaging, distribution, online sales, and retail stores. We can help you put your product on the shelves in China.

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