At World Patent Marketing we believe that great ideas are the most valuable asset in the world. Innovation is what drives the world forward, improving living standards and creating opportunities.

Our Invention Banking program allows World Patent Marketing to work directly with inventors, contributing our knowledge, experience and financial resources to bring exceptional products to the market. World Patent Marketing management personally oversees these projects, working directly with inventors to refine their ideas, determine the best approach for development and manufacturing, and creates the marketing and distribution campaigns.


One of the biggest benefits of working with the Invention Banking program is the vertical structure of World Patent Marketing. Shark Tank may help out with advice and funding. Other companies can offer you patents, or prototypes, or distribution. We call it Idea to Retail development.

The opportunity to work with one company and a CEO who have a complete understanding of the entire process makes bringing your invention to market much smoother and more likely to succeed. If your invention is fortunate enough to get the green light with our Invention Banking program, you can be assured that it is in the very best and most experienced hands.

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Imagine the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of the world’s leading invention experts, World Patent Marketing CEO, Scott Cooper. Learn what he looks for in inventions, and how he distinguishes inventions that are just good, from those that have the potential to be great.

Even more, you will have a ringside seat as Cooper analyzes your invention and together you will develop it for the market. This can be the greatest learning opportunity any inventor could ever hope for. Because Cooper has seen so many inventions in the past, he often has incredibly valuable insight into how to improve designs in terms of marketability and manufacturing.

After the invention has been refined, Cooper will lend his expertise to the process of manufacturing and distribution.


World Patent Marketing’s Invention Banking program has skin in the game. We don’t take that lightly. We back only the best of the best.

Often, great ideas come from inventors who simply can’t self-finance the entire project. We make that possible. We do it partly because we think great invention ideas should be the criteria and not simply the size of our inventor’s wallet. But, make no mistake, when we take a project on, we have one goal, to make money for our inventors and the company. Financial prospects are one of the most important considerations in selecting inventions for the Invention Banking program.

Work one on one with one of the greatest innovators in the business, Scott Cooper of World Patent Marketing. The Invention Banking program can be the key to your invention’s success.

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Proven Track Record

Work with a company that has a proven track record bringing inventions to the market. Creating a great product is a huge task, but it is only part of the battle. Taking that product to the market, selling it, advertising, marketing, distribution, delivery; every step has to managed from start to finish. This is where profits are made.

With World Patent Marketing’s Capital Ventures program, you will have access to both the financing and the expertise to give your product the best chance of success. 


Relax, Our Experts Will Handle It

When you work with the World Patent Marketing Invention Banking program, not only do you benefit from CEO, Scott Cooper’s expertise, the entire company goes to work on your invention. Their expert team can handle all of the details, from start to finish, the idea to retail, to make your product a success.

Of course, you can continue to be involved day to day. But, you can also sit back and leave the hard work and details to World Patent Marketing. Their staff has the expertise and knowledge to bring you invention onto the market and into consumers’ hands.

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The Money You Need to Get Your Invention on the Market

World Patent Marketing also arranges third party licensing agreements. Our extensive network of contacts, in manufacturing, distribution and retail, makes it possible for us to find the perfect partner for your invention needs.

It is possible to arrange licensing agreements for a one-time sale of your invention, or for a royalty payment system. This can be the best way to find expert assistance with getting your invention onto the market and tap into a ready made team of skilled and experienced professionals who create profitable ventures every day.

Invention Success Can be Yours

Don’t let a lack of funds, resources or skills hold your invention ideas back. With the World Patent Marketing Invention Banking Program, you can get access to the money and talent you need to take your invention to the market.

If your idea is a winner, we will help you find the resources that you need to make it happen. Whatever you need, we can help. Don’t let minor obstacles stop your invention. Work with a team that knows how to overcome them and find invention success.

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