Invention Branding

Branding with Smart Product Building

Branding is important for each and every business. Your brand sets your product apart from the competition. Brand development should be integral to product development. It is not simply an afterthought. Invention branding should begin before your invention is fully developed. When you enter into a relationship with a well-known invention powerhouse like World Patent Marketing, you create instant “brand credibility” in the market, with both consumers and investors. As a leader among patent companies, World Patent Marketing brings you the power of a team that includes government leaders, academic institutions and major corporations the world over. Our strength in the marketplace provides your product an initial lift until it can fly on its own.

Invention branding is necessary for invention success.

Positioning for Established Brands

For products that have an established image we can refine their brand image while retaining the positive elements critical to their market position. We pay close attention to consistency with core values, while revamping and fine tuning the invention branding message. We bring in new ideas, creativity, and most of all, innovation. Some invention marketing companies neglect branding, World Patent Marketing develops branding that supports and extends existing product lines. Every brand is a promise. It is the key to your relationship with the buyer. A clear consistent message is the foundation of that relationship. We respect that message and that relationship, building upon the positive elements while updating and modernizing to adapt to new products and new conditions while retaining loyal customers.

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World Patent Marketing can help with your invention branding.

Product Name

You need a fabulous name for your new invention product. A great name makes it clear that your product is different from all existing products in your category. It should be instantly recognizable and describe your invention idea. The name can be descriptive, as in Goodyear Tires, or a new word, as in Kleenex or iPod.


Your logo is the “avatar” of your brand. It often contains the brand name, but not always. It will appear on your website, packaging, letterhead and all advertising; the logo must be instantly recognizable.


Think of your web banner as the entrance to your store. Like a physical store, that entrance says a lot about your product and brand. The web banner conveys your brand image at the first glance. It needs to be targeted to your customer demographic.


The tagline is a one-line summary of your product and brand. Famous taglines include, “It’s the Real Thing” for Coke, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” for BMW, and “Think Small” for Volkswagen. We will help you to distill your product image into a winning tagline.


We create product websites that foster success. Our developers build advanced responsive websites that showcase your product to its best advantage, incorporating your branding elements and targeted to your demographic. World Patent Marketing websites take advantage of the most sophisticated web tools, like SEO and PPC, and fully integrate with social media.

Invention Branding you can trust.

Social Media Installation

Our inventors get a leg-up on the competition, through the use of World Patent Marketing social media sites. Our large audience gives your product instant customer reach that it can take months to develop on your own. We also help you develop your own voice on the most important social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s quite simple, these days social media is not an option, it is a necessity. Social Media networks provide outlets for promotion of new products of every description. Our social media experts will create professional quality accounts for your product on all of the top platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Your account will be custom created with unique banners that incorporate your brand image and message.


Facebook is the social media giant. It is the largest social media network on the web and the best known. Facebook boasts more than 1.71 billion active users, an active user is anyone who has signed on in the last 30 days. Since its inception, Facebook has grown from a website devoted to college students at Harvard, to eventually include a worldwide user interface.

Facebook offers an easy convenient way for family and friends to keep in touch on every continent, as well as an easy way to check up on news, shopping, restaurants and celebrity gossip. Facebook is an essential social media platform for every business. It offers a bonanza of options for delivering your message to fans and potential customers. On Facebook you can share stories, photos, and videos about your product. Maintaining a Facebook account is easy, there are many tools available for businesses, including scheduled sharing and paid reach. This can be one of the best ways to target new customers and create buzz.

Market your invention with Social Media Marketing.

Twitter is the social media platform with the broadest reach. It is incredibly easy to spread the word on Twitter. With a single Tweet, you can deliver your message instantly to millions of potential customers. And Tweets are incredibly easy to do. A Tweet consists of a short text message that is less than 140 characters. You have to keep it short on the Twitter Feed. But, while the text message length is short, you can upload and send photos, videos, and links to your own or other webpages.

Twitter is one of the top ten websites in the United States and has 320 million active users around the world. As with Facebook, content on Twitter can go viral as it is incredibly easy for your customers and fans to share and re-Tweet your messages. Interesting and varied content is the key to getting viral sharing on Twitter. Because it is so easy to re-Tweet content with hashtags, a great post can spread fast. If you can tap into a user with a lot of Twitter followers, your content can go viral. Twitter experts point out that posting a balanced variety of media is important on Twitter. People want to see new and interesting stories about a variety of topics, not just a re-Tweet of your latest announcement. So mix up your own original content with interesting stories and articles you find on the web or create yourself.

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Use Twitter for your invention branding.

Pinterest is a digital bulletin board. It is all about visuals and cool invention ideas. This makes it a great platform for inventions and products that easily convey through pictures, like fashion, food, gifts, crafts, and inspirational posts. The tagline is “Pin what you love.” Fans of Pinterest create bulletin boards of pictures around their favorite interests, like coats and shoes, gardening, lattes, or quilts, for example. It is incredibly easy to use and has a dedicated user base.

If you have great pictures of your product, especially if it looks good in photos of it being used, this can be a great way to create buzz and interest for your product. Pinterest is different from Facebook and Twitter, in that the majority of the users are women. It is dominated by women’s topics like fashion, diet, exercise, beauty products, pretty pictures, crafts and recipes. Products geared to these demographics tend to do best on Pinterest. On the other hand, it is extremely valuable for every product in terms of search engines, a Pinterest page almost always shows up on the front page for any topic.

Because of this, every product should have a strongly developed attractive Pinterest site. You can also post product details and maps to your Pins, which makes it easy to use, and a good source of product information.

Take your invention brand viral on Pinterest.
Mention on WPM Social Media

We will place a unique post on at least four different World Patent Marketing social media sites linking to your online media. One post alone is enough to make others take notice of your patented invention.

World Patent Marketing has an established and far reaching social media campaign. We have a strong presence on every important platform. When you have a relationship with us, we post your product on our sites and boost your visibility with the power and reputation of our social media platforms and strong brand presence.

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