Invention Sales with E-Commerce

E-Commerce with Smart Product Building

World Patent Marketing has a profound and fundamental understanding of the world of e-commerce marketing. We understand all of the elements, from shopping feed management to pay-per-click, as well as social media, analytics, and e-mail marketing campaigns. We have tools to monitor the results, and we can measure every valuable metric, from your costs to conversion rates and campaign relevance. This allows us to fine-tune your campaign with confidence.

We leave nothing to chance. We constantly upgrade and refine, tweaking what we do, measuring the results, in search of constant improvement. We micro-manage every detail, to give you stunning results. We are the leader of invention marketing companies.

Our success is your success — that’s the only measurement that counts.

E-commerce can launch your invention to success.

Shopping Feed Management

World Patent Marketing is one of the only patent companies that has a shopping feed management team that can painlessly guide you through the hassle of implementing and optimizing product data feeds. We can explain in layman’s terms how to create strategies to succeed within the current shopping networks, including Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, eBay, and other e-commerce sites. And we don’t stop at visibility and attracting customers to your website. We also focus on converting leads to sales and increasing ROI.

Enjoy A Breakthrough In Shopping Feeds Performance!

We have one objective for our clients, to increase ROI across the board. And that means that we have to increase visibility and target the right audience. We use data feed management strategies to segment the product lines. We create product groups based on attributes and values. We look at the categories, bidding range, the style of product, male or female, top price, the season, the margins and sales volume to find products with a high likelihood of conversion at a profit. We tailor our shopping feed management strategies to convert leads and improve overall ROI. This goes far beyond visibility and customers on the site, it bears directly on profitability.

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Do you want more kick out of your pay-per-click campaigns? Are your results humdrum and going nowhere? Do you suspect that your pay-per-click campaign is being run on autopilot? If you haven’t heard from your paid search marketing company in months, it may be time for a change. Your competition is going to leave you in the dust if you don’t get active and stay on top of it with a forward-looking campaign.

Paid Search With Real World Results

What’s the first step in getting great results with a PPC campaign? It comes down to one thing, knowledge. We start the process by getting to know your product inside and out, as well as your business model, your customer base, your potential target audience, your competition, analyzing latest trends and more. We take your campaign performance data and develop a winning strategy that leverages every phase of your business to produce strong results. Our PPC strategies give your business the tools it needs for success.

PPC is part of e-commerce invention marketing.

Marketplace Management

The World Patent Marketing team can give you access to millions of new shoppers. We can put your patented invention on sites like Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, and Sears. It doesn’t matter what your line of business is, from a company with a single website, one specific brand, or a manufacturer of multiple goods, our marketplace management team will get you the best exposure in the right place.

Experienced Marketplace Management Offers A Revenue Boost

Ditch those spreadsheets, forget about optimizing, toss those tired and confusing data automating and synchronizing systems in the trash. There is no need to continue to list, and update, and revise your product offerings several times a day. That’s not to say that customer service is not important, your product data, prices and inventory had better be accurate. But, there is a better way to do it. The World Patent Marketing team of marketplace managers know that each marketplace is unique. Developing and inputting product data can be a nightmare and management can be a challenge. We make your life easier by taking those tasks off your back. Our team can manage the entire process, so you can focus on running your business.

Our team can guide you through e-commerce marketing.

Make A Splash With Social Media Management

Keep your brand front and center in your customer’s mind with social media strategies. Popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest allow you to stay in touch with your customer base 24/7. Even so, with a variety of formats, like blogs, tweets, and online videos, you can develop relationships build visibility with potential customers, and rise in search engine rankings. Social media is one avenue to increasing profitability. World Patent Marketing is a leader in social media management and incorporates the development in our invention process. While, we create engaging profiles and develop strong customer relationships, we brand your social media sites to support your website and ongoing marketing efforts, for maximum effect. However, every company and product being different, we create custom campaigns to meet company goals and sales objectives.

Three Key Objectives Of Our Social Media Services

1. Develop an accessible web-friendly site.
2. Ensure that your site is easily shared and accessed by all social media sites
3. Promote your site content to desirable social media communities

We build a strong foundation based on viral content that helps your brand grow. In addition, we put your idea in front of invention buyers. Meanwhile, we establish trust and credibility with your customers. Finally, we achieve these goals by developing the plan prior to the launch.

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Email Marketing Invention

Email marketing is the most effective sales tool in terms of ROI for many companies. Opt-in email can be the best way to stay in touch with your customer, notify them of news and special offers, and stay front and center on the radar.

This is quite simply one of the most powerful forms of direct marketing available today. There is no other tool that allows for the same powerful message targeting, building of customer databases, customer support, nurturing ongoing relationships, and tracking of results. In addition, email marketing is inexpensive. Even in a world with a rich social media environment, email is still king when it comes to tested results. In addition, at World Patent Marketing, our email marketing service creates custom emails for mobile and the web. We design and target your customer base for maximum results. Finally, our detailed reporting includes open rates, click-through, conversion, bounce, and spam reporting, among other metrics.

Use email marketing for your e-commerce invention marketing.