Sell Your Invention with Direct Response TV

Find Success with Direct Response TV

Television is the most powerful marketing media in history. The result has been proven over decades. Direct Response TV is tried and true. That’s why we recommend it for many products. Our philosophy of “thinking outside the box” doesn’t mean that we recklessly experiment or gamble with your resources. Direct Response TV may have significant up-front costs, but dollar-for-dollar, for the right product, it can put your invention product at the top of the heap.

What Is Direct Response TV?

Direct Response TV, also known as DRTV, is a particular type of television advertising. It is designed to allow the customer to purchase the product immediately, while watching television, either by calling in to a toll-free 800 number, or by using the web. This form of advertising is also known as Direct Response Marketing. It is very powerful, because it allows for immediate feedback, there is no waiting or tracking sales over days or weeks. A DRTV campaign produces results in real-time. These ads can range from 30 second to two minute television commercials, and even to 30 minute infomercials. DRTV varies from brand building and awareness commercials in that the response is immediate and measurable.

Direct Response TV leads to invention success.
What is Direct Response TV Good For?

Direct Response TV harnesses the power of television with immediate customer feedback. This makes it a fantastic medium for launching new products. The feedback is immediate and the “impulse to buy” can be strongly measured in real time. The instant feedback loop can provide valuable information on customers’ needs and attitudes toward the product and message. And success can be stunningly fast. DRTV is responsible for numerous overnight success stories and any number of products that have become household names. DRTV is a strong way to build a brand and product awareness, brand loyalty and a strong customer base.

What Are The Benefits Of A Direct Response TV Campaign?

The greatest benefit of DRTV is the ability to create instant sales and return on investment. These sales tend to be high-margin sales that yield quick profits in a short time-frame. Both shorter 30 second and longer 60 second spots provide management with instant information regarding the effectiveness of their messaging and consumer reaction to the product. We can take that feedback, assess it, refine it, and improve it to yield continually stronger results over time. DRTV campaigns build strong consumer interest and a loyal customer base, with high return on investment sales.

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What Kinds Of Products Do Best With DRTV Infomercials?

DRTV is a great place for new inventions and innovative new products. Products that solve real world everyday problems and offer affordable solutions are likely to do well on DRTV. Ideally, DRTV products have broad consumer appeal, at an affordable “impulse buy” price point. Beauty products, kitchen and household products, appliances, gardening products, and personal care products have all found success on DRTV. For cool invention ideas, DRTV is the best place to be.

How Does DRTV Media Differ From Other Commercial Media?

The most important aspect of DRTV is the strong call to action. In traditional branding media, the goal is not to create an immediate purchase, but to cement the product in the customer’s mind for later purchase. With DRTV there is no waiting time, the message is to buy the product now, immediately, from the comfort of the couch.

Does Anybody Buy That Stuff That You See Advertised In The Middle Of The Night?

Yep. They buy a lot of it. Fortunes have been made from late night DRTV invention marketing. But, DRTV is not just a ‘middle of the night,’ ‘low rent’ tactic. DRTV can air at any time of day, the particular time is chosen for maximum return on investment. And that can vary by product.

How Is Success Measured With DRTV?

It depends on the particulars of your product, your market, and the details of your media campaign. There is no single success metric. But, most professionals in the industry use one or a combination of the following; Cost Per Order (CPO), Media Efficiency Ratio (MER), or Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). CPO is the cost for each order for a campaign, you arrive at this number by dividing the cost for the media by the number of orders. MER looks at how much you bring in, the revenue, compared to the cost for the campaign. CAC is often used for products like prescription drugs, which bring in revenue for a long period of time into the future. In this case, they are most concerned about the customer acquisition cost, as profits are realized in the future.

These metrics are important snapshots of DRTV campaign success. The lower the CPO, the better. The higher the MER, as in the revenue compared to the cost, the better. CAC provides a snapshot of the cost to acquire each customer. Industry trade groups and television marketing teams have developed database information on rates of return for different industries, time slots, and demographics. You can plan your campaign with these metrics, and compare its success against these benchmarks.

Does DRTV Become Less Effective Over Time?

All television advertising, including DRTV for inventions, needs to be fresh and original. Typically, DRTV campaigns are refreshed after a year of air-time. This “refresh” may not entail an entirely new production, often editing can change the campaign enough to make it feel new.

Are Upsells Essential For A Successful DRTV Campaign?

Industry research shows that upsells account for 15% to 29% of orders. That’s a big chunk of revenue. The creation of new and related products can help your new product become financially viable. When using DRTV, don’t discount your upsell sales options.

Is DRTV The Only Thing I Need To Do To Market My Product?

You don’t want to stop marketing with DRTV only. While it is a powerful sales and revenue generator, it also opens many new options for marketing and merchandising your product. The DRTV campaign creates a lot of orders through the immediate purchase process, but it also creates powerful brand awareness and follow on purchases, particularly in the digital media. Your campaign should have a mix of DRTV, digital marketing, email marketing, websites and SEO, radio advertising, public relations, and celebrity endorsements.

What Is The Proportion Of DRTV Sales Online Vs. Phone Orders?

This varies tremendously depending on the product. Different target audiences have different habits and expectations. An older audience may tend to use the phone for orders, while a millennial audience will order online. The trend favors online, with this sector growing rapidly and approaching 80% in some cases.

Is A Website Necessary For DRTV Campaigns?

Yes. The website is essential for on-the-spot orders for people who prefer to order online rather than call, as well as for follow-on orders. The DRTV website should be optimized for all formats, with a call to action that supports your DRTV campaign.

Do I Have To Take Phone Orders, Requiring A Call Center To Take Orders?

DRTV campaigns usually offer customers the choice of calling in their order or placing an order on the website. Ignoring phone orders eliminates one of the great strengths of a DRTV campaign. People can place a phone order immediately, without even leaving the couch. They can dial the number and speak to a helpful representative immediately without booting up a computer that might be in another room, waiting for the site to load, etc. World Patent Marketing provides overseas call centers that can provide real results at a reasonable cost, that can turn your campaign into a success.

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Is My Product Right For DRTV?

Is the product unique and revolutionary?

Is your DRTV commercial new and exciting?

Boring and everyday is not going to cut it. If you can buy it cheap at Wal-Mart, why would a customer bother to get excited?

DRTV is all about new and different products. Some invention marketing companies will sell any old product, but World Patent Marketing believes it is important to offer the best. The best inventions don’t have to be on the level of rocket science, but they should be original and solve real world problems. The message must be compelling.

It may not sound tough, but it takes a heck of a lot of interest to get someone who is happily relaxing in front of the TV to pick up the phone, fish out the credit card, and make that call. That’s not easy. The key is to have a product that is revolutionary. This means, lots of people need it and can’t get it anywhere else. Or, that you offer the same product for a far superior price. Or that the customer gets a lot more product and value than they could anywhere else.

Do I Need A Mobile Website For DRTV?

Yes. A huge percentage of the public now access the web exclusively on their phones, and this percentage is growing every year. You do not necessarily need to have a dedicated mobile website, a responsive version of your website will do. But, it must be easy to use in the mobile version. Mobile websites are no longer optional, they have become integral to the web experience, and thus to the online shopping experience.

Have You Experienced Dramatic Results With DRTV Products?

Yes, one product alone, The Snuggie, sold over 30 million units and grossed $500 million. That’s a pretty solid case for the power of DRTV. And The Snuggie is just one among many successful products that made their mark in this market.

Does The Infomercial Product Have Mass Appeal?

DRTV is all about reaching a large broad-based audience. It is the place where crazy inventions that made millions are launched. To do well and justify the costs of DRTV, a product must have mass appeal. It isn’t that niche products aren’t worthy or capable of success in the marketplace, it is simply that DRTV is not the place for them. Products that do well on DRTV must appeal to millions of users, rather than thousands. Among the long-term best products are acne creams and weight loss aids. 30 million Americans suffer from acne, providing a market of suitable size. There is mass appeal for skin care products. Combined with a great DRTV ad and high production values, this has been a win year after year.

Weight-loss is also another hit on DRTV. More than half of Americans are clinically obese. Every one of them can use a weight loss program. Some other categories are products to combat hair loss, fitness, and anti-aging. Notice a common trend here, all of these products solve problems that are embarrassing. The ability to order the product anonymously online through a DRTV ad may be particularly appealing. After all, who wants to stand in line at the store with the hair replacement formula in hand? Ideal DRTV candidates are products with mass appeal for a huge audience.

Celebrity endorsements can be powerful on Direct Response TV.
What Are The Typical Margins For DRTV?

DRTV products should sell for at least 5 times the cost of goods. If you are selling a product for $20, it should not cost more than $4 for you to make and deliver. The margin allows you to comfortably cover the high media costs required in a DRTV campaign. Many newcomers grossly underestimate their required margin, and even if successful in sales volume, can actually lose money on every sale.

However, there is an exception to the rule. Patented inventions that generate ongoing sales, such as a diet pill, skin care line, or prescription drug, that continue to generate sales over a long period of time may have dramatically lower margins for the initial purchase. The lower margins at the front end, make up for with additional purchases of the product later on. Also, products that are available in stores and can be continually purchased again and again can have lower margins, as the DRTV is not the only driver of sales, but an addition to a complete retail merchandising chain.

Can The Product Be Demonstrated On TV?

This is critical for DRTV success. You will need to show your product in action. Is it fun to use? Easy to use? Fast acting? Does the viewer know exactly what is going on just by watching your DRTV commercial? They need to be able to see it working. That is how they come to imagine what it will do for them. When it comes to DRTV, seeing is believing. Your product needs to be easily understood by the viewer just by watching.

Does The Product Offer A Unique Opportunity And Great Value?

Everybody loves a good deal. A great deal can be the key to success in the world of DRTV, where strong value statements are king. No matter what the actual cost/benefit, the DRTV ad should make a direct appeal to “perceived value.” Offering more than other patent companies, World Patent Marketing will help you to develop your messaging so that the perceived value in your offer shines through. We can take your initial product and expand it into an entire value system, by piling on the product benefits and offers. Since consumers love to get a lot for a little, expanding the offering can be a key to success.

Is Celebrity Talent Necessary For DRTV?

Not for every product. There have been plenty of DRTV campaigns that didn’t have a star or celebrity in sight. Often real people, folks like your viewers, offer more credibility for a given product. On the other hand, celebrities offer a certain type of instant credibility and name recognition. The right star can help to establish an immediate rapport with the audience and can truly move a product.

People love to shop through Direct Response TV.