Digital Marketing Package

Marketing Video

Tell your product story, with the power of video. No other media is as compelling as video in conveying the purpose, promise, image, and emotional appeal of your product. Video can quickly show how your product is used, what problems it solves, and why they need it. Also, watching video is simply more fun and engaging than scanning pages of texts. Video creates the emotional connection that leads to sales conversions.

Video has been proven to be a key component to any online campaign. It increases conversions dramatically. When customers “see” a product in action, it is much easier to understand and more potent than long pages of product descriptions and text. Video can convey the entire message in seconds. In 2015, over $6 billion was spent on video advertising. And video is critical to search, Google automatically ranks websites with video on them higher than other websites with similar authority. It’s no longer a choice, video is now integral.

Digital Marketing Package is key to invention success.

Blog Article

When it comes to product branding, reputation building and sales, a blog is considerably more than just a quick couple of paragraphs tossed off when you have a free moment. We go beyond typical invention marketing companies, writing a professional quality blog that will get results is a specialized process that takes knowledge and creativity. The purpose of blog posts is to keep your product uppermost in the mind of your customers, with engaging stories about your product and other topics they may find interesting. We design our blogs to reach new customers. In order to reach new customers, blog posts need to rank well with search engines. This is done through careful selection of keywords, which can draw potential customers to your website through search engines like Google.

Blogs are part of our Digital Marketing Package.

Blogs Prepared by Professionals

Blog posts are also more than just text, they need to look great too. Interesting images and videos not only help to tell the story, they also create interest. On business websites, you can’t simply share images found elsewhere on the internet. Images need to be selected or created that are original and can legally be used for commercial purposes. Our bloggers have experience creating and editing images, as well as providing the correct sizing, optimization and tags which are important for ease of use and search engines.

And of course, the purpose of the post is to build brand awareness and sales for your patented invention. Every post contains a strong “call to action.” In the case of a sales message, the “call to action” is obvious, push the button or go to the store and buy the product now. However, there are also more subtle actions in brand building. Commonly you will find suggestions to “go to our website,” “read more,” or “stay updated,” in many commercial blog posts. These are important in building interest for future products and releases, and as a way to maintain contact with buyers.

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Content Marketing

Digital content is the backbone of every online marketing campaign. The content needs to be organized and coordinated for maximum benefit and reach. In addition, we account for brand features, target audience, media platform, and product all balanced into an effective, engaging campaign that drives sales and growth. In the end, it’s not an easy task, but because of our vision, World Patent Marketing excels at influential content marketing.


To succeed at social media marketing, you need to have two things down cold. You need to understand your customer and have an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the various social media platforms. However, to achieve results you must know whom you want to reach and how to get your message in front of them. We take cool invention ideas and put them on every social media platform.

The Digital Marketing Package includes video.

Email Marketing

Get the most out of your email marketing campaign. Our email campaigns integrate with your online presence, website, press release strategy, and social media. In addition, this integrated approach creates more impact across every platform. Our email system creates strong impactful messaging, combined with technical necessities like lead capture, conversion metrics and CRM, also known as customer relations management.


At World Patent Marketing, we help you reach out to important people in your industry or field. These people are known as “influencers.” Our connections give you access to a host of possible relationships with individuals your customers trust.

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Reach beyond your existing customer base and grow your brand, with digital marketing. In addition, through a variety of techniques, using search engines, social media, and display ads, we target demographic audiences with precision that gets results. Give your product a boost through the power of digital data and targeted marketing.

Analytics And Conversion Rate Optimization

World Patent Marketing will help you understand the data regarding the sales process of your product. We’re more than an invention service, we are a marketing powerhouse. Through our proprietary analysis, we take that data, crunch it, collate it and present it to you in a way that is useful and can have real impact on your business. We target and improve key points in the customer journey. In addition, we take that data and find weak links, missed opportunities, and ways to improve the customer experience and sales. These analytics and conversion rate optimizations are the keys to constantly improving the customer experience and driving growth.

Reach the influencers with our digital marketing package.

Social Media Competitor Analysis

A first step in developing your social media voice and strategy is a thorough analysis of the competition. This is an essential task for many reasons. First of all, as you develop your unique voice and brand image, you need to be aware of what competitors are doing in order to be sure your message stands out as distinct and different. In addition, it allows you to track the latest trends in your market niche. Finally, if you want your product to be ranked among crazy inventions that made millions you must:

1. Identify Your Competitors
2. Identify Their Voice
3. What Is Their Fan to Follower Ratio?
4. How Active are They on Social Sites?
5. Engagement Rate with Fans
6. What Types of Content are They Posting?
7. Month-Over- Month Percent Growth
8. Don’t Forget Google+, their Blog, and Website
9. Lastly, Paid Media
10. What Does This All Mean?

Our digital marketing package lets you reach customers wherever they are.