Customer Intelligence

Smart Product Building with Customer Intelligence

World Patent Marketing’s customer intelligence platform provides up-to-the-minute feedback about your customers. It allows you to make smarter, better decisions. We incorporate customer intelligence into the invention process. World Patent Marketing allows you to:

• Find and organize customers in your demographic target.
• Create detailed customer profiles that increase understanding.
• Capture valuable insights which can improve operations throughout the enterprise.

Our data is based on community interactions, rather than one-off surveys. We believe that communities are more valuable, because the two-way conversation process allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the true motives and desires of the customer. However, unlike other invention marketing companies, World Patent Marketing takes you beyond the data, to the people with their personal stories and motivations who make up your customer base.

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Inventions with Customer Intelligence.

Purchase Journey

The customer purchase experience must be seamless. However, many businesses inadvertently create hurdles for their customers. Therefore, we identify these pitfalls and improve the experience.

Fundamental Market Decisions

Get real-time feedback on pricing, packaging, positioning, and messaging. Save both time and money in assessing and adjusting key market decisions.

Innovation And Creation

Customer communities can provide useful ideas which may ultimately improve and refresh your product. Furthermore, this information helps you to stay ahead of trends and the competition.

Customer Intelligence can bring you success.

Customer Intelligence

Get your customer intelligence straight from the horse’s mouth, the customers themselves. However, our system provides you with ongoing customer feedback that can be used to create new patented products, make improvements or variations on your existing products, and develop campaigns to engage your customers in a manner that provides maximum impact and bottom-line growth. In addition, create a platform for national and world marketing. Solve real problems with customer feedback and intelligence.

Innovate And Thrive

Develop products faster, with greater certainty and success with real-time customer feedback. Plus, give your invention idea legs, with World Patent Marketing.

Deep Dive Insight

In addition, our activity database yields a wealth of customer insights and understanding.

Know Your Customer

Place seemingly random customer actions in context. Finally, turn transactional shopper data into a well-rounded picture of deeper motivations and behavior of your customer base.

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Find invention success with customer intelligence.