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How to Build a Prototype with Smart Product Building

Prototypes are essential to the product development process. High quality prototypes are essential to design, invention manufacturing, and marketing plans. Meanwhile, technology has rapidly advanced and altered the process of prototype design and production. Also, World Patent Marketing uses the most advanced techniques, selected on a case by case basis to best suit each particular project and provide you with the highest quality invention prototype. Prototypes can also be necessary for the patent process. Build a prototype to ensure success for your invention. We offer four types of prototypes.

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The first phase of product production involves creating a presentation prototype. This invention prototype has the look and feel of the actual finished product. Also, it is used to for marketing presentations and to test and finalize design details like the color, texture, and finish.


The second phase of a product prototype process involves the creation of a proof-of-concept prototype. This prototype usually doesn’t look like the finished product, it is created to test if the concept works. However, these are sometimes necessary for the patent application and investment.


The third phase of a product prototype is the building of a finished model. These are often done in small run manufacturing facilities. It will look and work just like the finished product, but it is not necessarily built in the same manufacturing plant or on the same machines. However, it is also useful for creating an actual physical model of the final product.


The fourth and final phase of a prototype is an actual working product. Meanwhile, it is built on the exact same machines and assembly lines as your final invention. In addition, this prototype allows you to approve the details of your invention. It is very important to have a perfect production prototype before proceeding to mass manufacture of your product.

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World Patent Marketing uses prototypes as a design tool. They help us to refine the product concept, they are models of the final product. Prototyping is crucial to product development since you’re creating a unique product.

Prototypes allow you to thoroughly examine your design, test it and alter it and test it again to come up with cool invention ideas. Prototyping allows the developer to check for flaws and to make sure the product works correctly and is easy to use. In addition, the prototype is a physical version of your idea that can be shown to potential investors. One other crucial part of prototype testing is safety. The prototype offers the chance to test for both safety and durability. The prototype invention allows designers to create product care and safety instructions.

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We offer four types of prototypes.


1. Prototypes enable you to test and refine your design. This includes functionality, appearance, and cost of manufacturing. There is no substitute for a physical model when it comes time to make the final assessment on these processes and features. Additionally, a physical prototype allows you to determine if the product works as expected, and eliminate unforeseen issues or potential problems.

2. Prototypes allow you test the performance of different materials. The only way to be sure that particular materials will be durable and stand up to the required use for a new invention, is to build a prototype and test it. In the end, the prototype allows you to discover and repair design flaws early in the invention process.

3. Prototypes help you to communicate the features and function of your product more easily. This includes to investors, buyers, and most importantly your product development team.

4. Great prototypes encourage others to take your product seriously. Also, there is simply no question that in a head to head competition between two product ideas, the inventor with the superior prototype is going to shine and have greater credibility. It’s simply human nature. In addition, a high quality prototype can put you over the top and provide an edge in attracting investors and a quality team.

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